This is How I Roll: Vampire: The Masquerade

I was thinking of a Halloween appropriate RPG to review, something to embody all the macabre of the season. To me, the first thing that came to mind was the World of Darkness setting. From its inception, WoD has captured the dark, angst ridden, heroin chic culture of the 90s. And nothing exemplifies 90’s zeitgeist […]

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Trailer Watch Double Feature: The Adjustment Bureau and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead first official trailers

So today’s trailer watch is a duo of the somewhat fantastic, but at opposite ends of that spectrum. Initially, we’ve got The Adjustment Bureau, a movie based on the writings of that king of cyberpunk, Philip K. Dick. It’s no wonder then, that things feel a little bit Matrix-like. The film stars Matt Damon as […]

Colin Farrell to join Fright Night in lead vampire role

Well, it looks like Colin Farrell is giving major studio films another try. THR’s Heat Vision blog reports that Farrell has signed on to play a major role in Disney’s remake of 1985 horror-comedy Fright Night. The movie will be following the same basic premise of the original: a new neighbor moves in next door […]

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