Twilight: The 10 Trivia Questions

As promised in the rules to our very first contest here at Geeking Out, here are the 10 trivia questions that you must answer in as humorous a fashion as possible before July 9 for your entry to be considered for one of three fabulous prizes:

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New Twilight book suggests Hollywood really wanted a boy

Yet they got thousands of die-hard female fans. You’d think they’d be happy. According to Comics Worth Reading, a new book on the Twilight phenomenon from the University of Missouri discusses the gender breakdown of fans. Bitten by Twilight: Youth Culture, Media, and the Vampire Franchise focuses on “cultural, social, and economic aspects of the […]

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Fun and fabulous prizes in store at the end of June

In the interest of being responsible reviewers, there are some times in which we here at Geeking Out will read, watch, or experience something that’s outside of our comfort zone in order to provide the most coverage. For example, in preparation for her “First Night Flicks” review of Twilight: Eclipse, lead movie reviewer Lyssa […]

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Git Off My Lawn: Cinematic Comic Capers

Back in my day, which was before Al Gore invented the internet, and possibly before Al Gore’s mommy invented Al Gore, comic books were fun-filled, light-hearted, simple creatures, with the titular hero fighting the Villain of the Month in brightly drawn panels and onomatopoeic sound effects and…  …uh, moving on. It seems like every comic […]

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