Keeping Tabs: Sweet home Gotham City; Incredible Hulk 2 unlikely

A very cool article on The Dark Knight returning to — and fuckin’ up — my home town of Chicago has gone up at The Hollywood Reporter (via Reuters). Or, rather, the measures they took to not fuck up my home town while they used locations from it to help construct their own, realistic take […]

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As if Iron Man wasn't awesome enough (updated)

Coming Soon has the news I’ve been waiting to hear all weekend. Not only did Marvel Entertainment spend the weekend revelling the amazing success ($205 million worldwide) of Iron Man, but they let us in on a little bit of news: The release dates of four highly-anticipated upcoming projects. First on the slate is the […]

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Trailer Watch: The Incredible Hulk full trailer

The full Incredible Hulk is finally online, in glorious Quicktime, with just a few days left ’til Iron Man (which has been getting almost uniformly, enthusiastically positive reviews) strikes theaters. Fanboy shit-talkers have been saying that the lack of promotion for the Hulk reboot was proof it was a sure-fire dud, and while you might disagree, […]

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