Lincoln’s Video of the Day: An Unexpected Parody

If you’re familiar at all with The Hillywood Show, you know that Hilly and Hannah Hindi, the pair of clever sisters behind it, make musical parodies skewering pop culture icons, always with surprisingly high production values. Well, even The Hobbit wasn’t safe from them. By combining it with one of the most obnoxious earworms of […]

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Truthiness in Middle Earth: Stephen Colbert to cameo in The Hobbit

There are cameos that make sense. There are cameos that have no logic to them. And then there are the awesome cameos. On the heels of a member of Flight of the Conchords appeared in the original trilogy, The Hollywood Reporter announces that Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert will be making an appearance in either […]

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Tolkien Week Trailer Watch: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

This week is a long expected party celebrating 75 years since the publication of The Hobbit. As I work at a bookstore, I’ve been privy to a bevy of delightful new editions, including a hardcover pocket edition featuring Tolkien’s original cover, a book including and about all of the illustrations he did for the book, […]

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The Hobbit Production Blogs: Locations

Peter Jackson and his 2nd Unit director, Andy Serkis have been very good about keeping fans up to date on the upcoming prequel for The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit. In their latest production blog, they show some of the things that go into moving a production of this size around to the varied […]

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Quick Cuts: Elrond is back, Guillermo del Toro casts Pacific Rim and more

It was rumored but it’s official now. Ian McKellen has revealed over on his blog that Lord of the Rings castmate Hugo Weaving is returning to the cast to play elf king Elrond. McKellen also notes that production is on a short break while Martin Freeman films a trio of Sherlock films for television. (Source: […]

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Peter Jackson adds two new cast members to The Hobbit

Well, things are firmly back on track. According to his Facebook page, Jackson has added two new actors to The Hobbit. A week ago, Rob Kazinsky dropped out as Fili for personal reasons, but he has now been replaced. Dean O’Gorman, an actor from down under who had appeared in the show The Almighty Johnsons […]

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The Hobbit has started production

Offered without comment, I give you the first video blog on the production of The Hobbit.

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Elijah Wood returning to Middle Earth in The Hobbit

In an intelligent move to get the most recognizable actor from The Lord of the Rings some screen time in the prequels, Elijah Wood has signed on to reprise his role as Frodo in The Hobbit. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog, Wood has signed on for a background role, either acting as […]

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Doctor Who, Sylvester McCoy cast in Hobbit role

Ah geek concordance. You are the happiest of happenings, and we’re always somehow surprised despite the fact that casting someone with a built in fanbase makes a whole lot of sense. According to an interview at the BBC, Sylvester McCoy has been cast in the upcoming Hobbit films. Unfortunately, at this point, he can’t say […]

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Quick Cuts: The Hobbit, Avatar, Spider-Man and More

Well, everything will be ok. Peter Jackson, New Zealand officials and the labor unions have reached an agreement and production on The Hobbit will stay in New Zealand. The NZ government is helping the studio offset some of their costs with tax benefits and production will begin as scheduled.  (Source: The Playlist) We’re returning to […]

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