Toshiba says HD DVD not dead, is in denial (updated: nope, it's really dead after all)

Reports of HD DVD’s death have been exaggerated… but not greatly. The electronic manufacturer told Hollywood Reporter Monday that while “there have been many reports in the media over the weekend… Toshiba has not made a decision on the future of the HD DVD and we are currently assessing the market and reviewing future strategy.” This […]

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Netflix pounds another nail into HD-DVD’s coffin

The fat lady’s singing, boys: “Citing a clear signal from the industry, (Netflix) will carry high-def DVDs only in Blu-ray format,” phasing out HD-DVD by year’s end. With an 8.8 million subscriber base and over $1.2 billion in revenue (and those stats are two years old), that’s pretty much all you need to know (unless, […]

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