Blightyvision: “Eternal Law”

Written and created by Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah Directed by Adrian Shergold and Jamie Payne Starring Ukweli Roach, Samuel West and Orla Brady For the majority of my pre-college schooling, I was at the top of my class.  One day in fourth grade as an experiment, rather than turning in my usual caliber of homework, I put […]

Blightyvision — Doctor Who Series 6: Part 1 (Spoiler-free)

Starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill Written by Steven Moffat et al It’s been a roller-coaster year for Doctor Who so far.  The move to divide the series into two parts left a lot of people wondering if it was for plot reasons, actor convenience, or if it was an opening for the […]

Blightyvision: “Kingdom”

Created by Simon Wheeler and Alan Whiting Starring Stephen Fry, Karl Davies, and Hermione Norris We’re up to our unmentionables in legal dramas over here, practically as much so as crime or medical dramas.  And because we are, that means there’s every possibility of the UK being inundated with them, as well — by which […]

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Blightyvision: “Luther”

Created by Neil Cross Starring Idris Elba, Warren Brown, and Ruth Wilson Well, cripes.  Here we come full-circle.  “Luther” was the subject of my very first Wibbly-Watchlist, and I was fortunate enough to get my peepers on it as it came out, thus making it the newest (and likely most relevant) thing I’ve reviewed yet […]

Blightyvision: “Strange”

Created by Andrew Marshall Starring Richard Coyle, Samantha Janus, and Ian Richardson Remember how I was talking a few columns ago about how Richard Coyle disappeared from “Coupling” to star in another TV series?  Looking back, I figured it’s only fair if I address said series.  Especially considering it’s a true buried treasure that deserves […]