Blightyvision: “Horrible Histories”

Directed by Steve Connelly, Chloe Thomas, and Dominic Brigstocke Written and created by Terry Deary Starring Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, and Ben Willbond Have I mentioned how much I love British children’s television?  I’m sure I must have.  The educational stuff reminds me vaguely of things like “3-2-1 Contact” and “Square One” over here, which […]

Comic Non-Sans: Kara Discovers More Social Networking Outlets

I’m like everyone’s mom in one major respect — when I discover something new or cool, I act like I’m the first person to find it and think it’s new and cool.  The most recent of those is Tumblr, which I’ve heard both good and bad things about.  The good?  It’s addictive (well, “good” there […]

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