Blightyvision: “Misfits”

Created by Howard Overman Starring Iwan Rheon, Lauren Socha, Antonia Thomas, Robert Sheehan and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett Overall, I do take recommendations very seriously.  My viewing list is huge, so I have to triage the recommendations a bit, but the proddings of both a friend with good taste and the fine folks at Hulu finally made […]

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Blightyvision: “Outcasts”

Written and created by Ben Richards Directed by Bharat Nalluri and Omar Madha Starring Liam Cunningham, Hermione Norris, and Daniel Mays The write-ups and hype for “Outcasts” were intriguing, I must say.  Created by Ben Richards (one of the talented writers behind “Spooks”) and starring a wide variety of actors who have proven themselves in […]

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Blightyvision: “Red Dwarf: Back to Earth”

Directed by Doug Naylor Written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor Starring Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, and Robert Llewellyn So we announced recently that “Red Dwarf” will be coming back for at least one more series on Dave, the channel currently re-running the original series.  The decision was based largely on the success […]

Comic Non-Sans: MarsCon in Review

MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA was my first-ever convention back in 2000.  It’s always been on the smaller side — which suits many (including myself) just fine — and over the years it’s developed its own style of programming and sales. This year, I actually took a leap and decided to try being on the other […]

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Natalie Portman given chance to play Gravity lead

In an exclusive over at the Hollywood Reporter’s Risky Business blog, it’s reported that Natalie Portman has been offered the lead in the Alfonso Cuaron directed Gravity. The Sci-fi drama role, which Angelina Jolie recently left, has become the next Lisbeth Salander of sought after roles. The film, written by Cuaron with his brother Jonas, […]

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The Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Watchlist: “Outcasts”

I am really, really torn about UK sci-fi/concept dramas in recent years.  I’ve never seen one that was “all right” — they’re always either really fantastic or really terrible, and the only time I’ve ever been particularly apathetic about one is the occasional episode of “Doctor Who.”  So I’m trying very, very hard not to […]

Blightyvision: “Red Dwarf”

Created by Grant Naylor Starring Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, and Robert Llewellyn Among sci-fi geeks of both the Americaphile and Anglophile variety, hour-long dramas are pretty much the way of things now.  With “Doctor Who” in an hour or near-hour format since 2005, and everything from “Heroes” to “Primeval” having followed suit, the […]

The Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Watchlist: “The First Men in the Moon”

It was one small step for [a] man, and one giant leap for mankind.  But it was sixty years too late.  Or at least that’s what Mark Gatiss is saying.  His adaptation of an HG Wells classic gets a rooting in the real world, as a young boy waiting for the Apollo 11 astronauts to […]

Comic Non-Sans: “featuring Talking Guinea Pigs!” and the Update Conundrum

At the time of my choosing to give Jeff Mumm’s existentialist time-travel sci-fi anthropomorphic webcomic “featuring Talking Guinea Pigs!” a write-up, he was trying what I considered to be a rather interesting experiment. So when I came back for later observation, I was rather sad to see he had abandoned the exercise. Though I suppose, […]

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