Trailer Watch Triple Threat: Your Highness Red Band, Green Lantern, and Cowboys and Aliens

Well, let’s jump right in. So remember when you heard that the guys behind Pineapple Express were doing a fantasy film? That it was a raunchy stoner comedy set in the Medieval period? Well, we’ve got our first look at Your Highness and it is just that. And it also looks all kinds of awesome […]

First Night Flicks: Buried

Buried (2010) Directed by: Rodrigo Cortés Starring: Ryan Reynolds Rated R for language and some violent content People who talk about movies often talk about an actor being able to “carry a film.” It is very rarely an earned sentiment.  An actor my be able to save a film by making it more watchable, but […]

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Trailer Watch: Buried

I will not do well with this movie. Lionsgate has released a new international trailer for Buried. A potential star-maker for Ryan Reynolds, the film stars him as a contractor in Iraq who, after his convoy is attacked, wakes up in a box underground with nothing but a cell-phone, a lighter and 90 minutes of […]

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