Critical Insight: Backstory

Hail! And well met! And other medievally type things I’m supposed to greet you with. I’m Jill, and I’m a Role Player. And I’m here to help. Before we begin, let me tell you about my first, official, time role playing: I was in the 4th grade, when my brother, in the sixth grade, came home […]

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21st Century Digital Gnome: The introduction article

This is the introduction column. It’s like that introduction paragraph in role-playing books. Anyone who has opened and read a Player’s Handbook or Player’s Guide or any other basic role-playing game book in the last twenty years has probably read that paragraph about what a RPG is. You know the one.

So what’s in store for you in two weeks when I actually write about something that isn’t an introduction article? I’ll talk about EVE Online – a game I don’t play, don’t want to play, don’t even want to consider playing, and yet absolutely love reading about every chance I can get.

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