A Big Week for De Niro

Variety has announced that the upcoming Everybody’s Fine, a remake of Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore’s 1991 film Stanno Tutti Bene, will star Snow Angels costars Kate Becksinsale and Sam Rockwell alongside Drew Barrymore and Robert De Niro. Everybody’s Fine, as well as the upcoming De Niro/Pacino vehicle Righteous Kill, looks to continue De Niro’s recent turn back […]

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Trailer Watch: Pacino and DeNiro in Righteous Kill

Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro share the same frames of a movie for the first second time in Jon Avnet’s Righteous Kill, a teaser for which has premiered at Yahoo! Movies. The storyline — about slightly bent (but not crooked) cops trying to catch someone who’s killing criminals who have slipped through the cracks of the legal system — is […]

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Trailer Watch: Tropic Thunder teaser, Foot Fist Way; also, there are idiots on the internet

The official website for Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder has added a 30-second teaser to the film. There’s not much to comment on in it, but the tagline ("Shit Blows Up") is pretty damn funny. Tropic Thunder revolves around a trio of supposed big-name actors hired to star in the biggest war movie ever made, but become entangled […]

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