Musical Taste: Scott Pilgrim vs the World OST Review

Scott Pilgrim vs the World Original Soundtrack Reviewing a soundtrack is tough, particularly if you haven’t seen the movie yet. You have a collection of tracks that, if you’re not listening to a musical, don’t seem to mesh initially. However, Edgar Wright, Beck, and Nigel Godrich have put together a damn fine collection of tunes […]

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Strippable Cover Reviews: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Note: I will do my best to avoid any spoilers, but with something like this, it’s hard not to discuss some minor plot points.) So here we are. Today is it.  The six year journey of the Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels ends today with the […]

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Back of the Box: Black Stories

A couple of months ago I went to a little convention called PAX East. I had my tax refund money in my hand, and I was looking for a game to buy, one that I could easily carry, one that a lot of people could play at once, and, most importantly, one I thought my […]

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Go-Go-Gaijin: Pokémon At The Movies

Going to the movies in Japan is still something of an event, partly because they have limited edition merchandise on sale at the theater for the movies currently showing. You are also guaranteed a relatively quiet theater, a clean seat, and slightly above average beverages and snacks. Every year there is one movie event I […]

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Strippable Cover Reviews: Kraken by China Mieville

Kraken by China Mieville If you’re at all familiar with China Mieville’s work, you may be thrown when you start reading Kraken. Where is New Crobuzon, the iconic city he created and built a mythology for? We’re not in Beszel/Ul Qoma either, the dual metropolis where last year’s Hugo nominated, Arthur C. Clarke Award winning […]

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Trisha’s Take: Le Concert review

Le Concert Directed by Radu Mihăileanu Starring Aleksei Guskov, Mélanie Laurent, Dmitri Nazarov, Miou-Miou and more On Midsummer Eve, I was walking through a park in Brooklyn with some friends on our way to get some artisanal ice cream. As we neared the park’s exit, the unmistakable sound of a piano wafted towards us in […]

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Trisha’s Link of the Day: Holy mix of parody and sex, Batman!

Back in May, the Internet was a-buzz with the release of the Batman XXX: A Porn Parody trailer. And while I’d normally link it here because I’m not a prude and I’m assuming you all are adults, I won’t because even if the version on the BoingBoing site is totally “safe for work,” I still […]

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Review: (It's in Belgium.)

In Bruges Written and directed by Martin McDonagh. Starring Colin Farrell, Ralph Fiennes, Brendan Gleeson, and Clémence Poésy. Gangster films are played out. I’ll give the genre its masterpieces, but “serious” gangster films where preening pretty-boys try desperately to act as cool as humanly possible and jerk off their symbolic dicks just annoy the hell out of […]

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