Quick Cuts: Fraggle Rock gains writers, Matthew Vaughn’s next project and more

This isn’t all that surprising after the success of last year’s The Muppets. The upcoming Fraggle Rock movie has picked up its writers in Jim Byrkit (co-writer, Rango) and Alex Manugian. The movie will be produced through The Jim Henson company. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter) Matthew Vaughn has picked up, using his own money, the […]

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Quick Cuts: George Takei declares armistice, Thor 2 searching for talent, and other stories

While Star Wars and Star Trek fans have debated for decades about who has the better franchise, George Takei has decided that all can get along if a common enemy is found.  That common enemy: sparkly vampires. Regarding Twilight, the actor said: Gone is any sense of heroism, camaraderie or epic battle. In its place […]

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Quick Cuts: John McClane is back, Drive lawsuit, and more

Bruce Willis will be returning to the role that made him famous on Thursday, February 14, 2013. That is the day Fox will be releasing A Good Day to Die Hard, the next installment in the series which finds protagonist John McClane having really awful days. And with a title like that, which is already […]

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Quick Cuts: King of Kong director to play Wargames, Fatal Attraction for the Facebook generation, and more

Seth Gordon, the director of the video game documentary King of Kong and the upcoming Horrible Bosses, is boarding the remake gravy train. He will be in the seat for the remake of Wargames, the rare remake that actually seems to make sense. MGM will release the remake of the Matthew Broderick starring WWIII thriller, […]

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Quick Cuts: Andy Serkis, Ian McKellen returning to Middle Earth, and other stories

So it’s official. Andy Serkis and Ian McKellen are back to reprise their roles as two of the most important characters in the Hobbit mythos. Still in talks are Christopher Lee and Ian Holm. (Source: Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter) Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, fresh off being nominated for a Golden Globe for their […]

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Quick Cuts: The Hobbit, Avatar, Spider-Man and More

Well, everything will be ok. Peter Jackson, New Zealand officials and the labor unions have reached an agreement and production on The Hobbit will stay in New Zealand. The NZ government is helping the studio offset some of their costs with tax benefits and production will begin as scheduled.  (Source: The Playlist) We’re returning to […]

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Quick Cuts: Ron Perlman in At the Mountains of Madness, Chloe Moretz signed on as Emily the Strange and other stories

Guillermo del Toro has confirmed that if Ron Perlman is available, he will be appearing in At the Mountains of Madness. “Ron plays Larson, the sort of dog guy, the guy that cares for the dogs and the sled — the part of the expedition that is dog sleds. It’s a fantastic character. I really […]

Quick Cuts: Iron Man writers joining TMNT, Maggie Gyllenhaal stars in period sex comedy, and other stories

Iron Man screenwriters Matt Holloway and Art Marcum are on board to write a new installment in the hit or miss Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. The series, currently owned by Paramount and Nickelodeon, is planning a new film as well as a TV show and assorted other tie-ins. The studio is hoping to get […]

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Quick Cuts: Ghost Rider sequel, Sam Raimi walking the Yellow Brick Road, and other stories

Nicholas Cage’s head may be on fire again soon, which confuses the ‘Nicholas Cage Hair Theory of Film’ (with thanks to Tom Brazelton). He is reportedly in talks to reprise his role as Johnny Blaze in the Ghost Rider sequel, with Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Crank), who are also in talks, directing. There are […]

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