Trisha’s Quote of the Day: PlayStation’s latest “game” gets rave reviews

The [Firmware] game features a robust moral choice system, where your actions really do affect the world. Do you accept the User Agreement, or don’t you? This was an agonizing decision, since you never know what could happen later. I remember that unbelievable moment in Firmware 2.0, where I accepted the User Agreement and the […]

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Eyes on E3: Sony Comes Out Swinging

So E3 has come and gone. Microsoft had Cirque du Soleil present the Kinect. Nintendo announced pretty much everything that anyone could possibly ask of them. Sony had Kevin Butler: VP of Life, The Universe, and Everything. In his rallying cry, Kevin Butler rocked the show with a message of peace and love, calling upon […]

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PSN Tuesday – June 8th, or The PSP Wins Again

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, folks. This is an expensive week on the PSN. The update is huge, and both sides of the Playstation family brought the heat. Barely missing the first update of the month is a new episode of Qore, focusing on Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Green Day Rock […]

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PSN Update: Good solid PSP games get their due

June has arrived, bringing with it a shiny new Playstation Store update. The Spring Fling sale is gone, but fear not, gentle readers, you can still escape paying full price for downloadable games. Tuesday marked the launch of the “PSP Favorites” line, a collection of solid PSP games priced to win at $9.99. On the […]

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