Trisha’s Quote of the Day: Conversations with dead people

I heard [deceased Warner Bros. Studio founder Jack Warner’s] voice when I saw Revolutionary Road this week. “Good movie and all that,” Jack was saying, “but why take these two great looking kids from Titanic and cast them as a miserable quarreling married couple in 1955? Why aren’t they remaking Tracy-Hepburn romantic comedies?” “Stars are […]

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Trisha’s Quote of the Day: Give me my fluffy movies, dammit!

Gratitude should therefore be expressed to those brave filmmakers and theatrical producers who are bucking the trend. When it comes to mood-altering movies, Slumdog Millionaire takes the cake. It’s so uplifting, it’s downright narcotic. On Broadway, critics by and large are raving about Billy Elliot for similar reasons. Yeah, it’s a tear-jerker; sure, Elton John […]

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Trisha’s Quote of the Day: Maybe he just needs to meet more yaoi fangirls

On the other hand, there are more scenes of male intimacy in Milk than in any other general audience film of its genre – more kissing and fondling and suggestions of further sex play. Again, all this defies the conventional wisdom that straight filmgoers – male and female – are uncomfortable viewing male-on-male intimacy. —Variety’s […]

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Marvel Comics movie news: ‘Yes’ to more Hulk, ‘No’ to Daniel Craig as Thor

Two items about Marvel Comics movie futures hit the ‘net, spraying fanboy drool all over the place and breaking fangirl hearts. Over at MTV, Shawn Adler spoke to Marvel Studios’ production president Kevin Feige who confirmed that they’re definitely moving ahead with another Incredible Hulk movie, saying, “We made 3 or maybe 4 million more […]

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