Lincoln’s Video of the Day: Yep, it’s OK Go again

How many times does this make OK Go getting video of the day? Not sure, but this new one is awesome. It apparently premiered in short form during the Super Bowl but here we go. The full video. Made in partnership with Chevy, the guys used a car as a musical instrument to play their […]

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Musical Taste’s Best Thing Ever: OK Go featuring the Muppets – The Muppet Show Theme Song

I stayed up late last night, hoping this would be posted before I crashed. Alas, I had to wait until this morning for the awesomeness that is this music video, which manages to be both Muppet-acular and gives a lot of nods to previous OK Go music videos. Also, there is a theremin. From the […]

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Musical Taste: MTV gets back to dealing with music…sort of

MTV is trying, slightly, to get back to their roots. While their relaunch of Beavis & Butthead has gotten most of the press, Pitchfork reports that the network will be bringing back one of it’s indie rock shows, 120 Minutes. Debuting at 1 AM July 30 on MTV2 (a more than slightly unfortunate time-slot), the […]

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