Go-Go-Gaijin: ComiPo! Vocaloid For Comics!?

Maybe this software should be called “Comicoid”, because after five minutes of tinkering with it I realized right away who this software was for. Vocaloid, the hit music software that allows musicians and composers to create vocals for a singer-less song, took Japan by storm and has been a huge inspiration to up-and-coming songwriters. I […]

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Quote of the day: Why TOKYOPOP dropped the ball

Anyway, Tokyopop did a lot of good stuff, and I’ll miss their OEL line especially. (I also enjoyed MixxZine back in the distant day.) But my original point is: they had more than 10 years to sell that one runaway hit property, to develop that one megahit property, and they failed. Once they stopped doing […]

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Comic Non-Sans: Learning from Online Manga Scanlations

Let me just preface by saying that there’s no way in hell you’re going to catch me writing an “Are fan translations okay?” manifesto.  That’s been done, and if there’s one thing I don’t want to bring you in my weekly columns, gentle reader, it’s stuff that’s been done. I promise, too, that I won’t […]

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