Quick Cuts: George Takei declares armistice, Thor 2 searching for talent, and other stories

While Star Wars and Star Trek fans have debated for decades about who has the better franchise, George Takei has decided that all can get along if a common enemy is found.  That common enemy: sparkly vampires. Regarding Twilight, the actor said: Gone is any sense of heroism, camaraderie or epic battle. In its place […]

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Lars Von Trier stops doing interviews, facing charges

We should all be thankful for freedom of speech. Lars Von Trier has a tendency to court controversy, as anyone who has sat through Antichrist can attest. But earlier this year at Cannes, he made a few poorly chosen remarks in response to a question about his heritage: “For a long time I thought I […]

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Earth Day Trailer Watch: Another Earth and Melancholia

For Earth Day, I’m bringing you a pair of trailers, one about the end of the world, the other about it’s future. First we have Lars von Trier’s newest, Melancholia. A planet is on a collision course with the Earth, and nothing can be done. And, being von Trier, truly weird things happen. Melancholia will […]

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