Blightyvision: “Japanorama”

Created by Hotsauce TV Hosted by Jonathan Ross I’ve rarely had to justify my Anglophilia to anyone, probably for good reason.  It’s hard to question the general output of the country that gave us Shakespeare, Stephen Fry, and Jaffa cakes.  It is, however, difficult for me to explain to my family my affection for Japan […]

So, the Tokyo Game Show happened this week…

What I got from this event is that I have more of the same to look forward to. Absolutely nothing stands out to me as interesting or original. Just more of the same…

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Go-Go-Gaijin: Baseball Mascot Misnomers

Japan loves mascots. I mean, anything and everything gets a smiling, fluffy, easily recognizable official symbol for bumper stickers and keychains and whatever other marketable venues there may be. The police have a mascot, the newspapers have a mascot, the national broadcasting association even has a mascot. But with the mascot demand as high as […]