Blightyvision: And now for something completely different …

As I said elsewhere, I’m prepping for a jaunt outside the country — to the UK, specifically — during which I’ll leave you with (hopefully) quality reading.  But I’m also prepping for the finales of two excellent shows — “Mad Dogs” and “Marchlands” — both of which air tonight, and both of which I am […]

House vs. Black Jack … Heaven or Hell … FIGHT!

In the grand tradition of epic Japanese TV crossovers, Geneon Universal is pitting two of the world’s most brilliant doctors against each other in an upcoming ad campaign.  For the first time ever, one of anime legend Osamu Tezuka’s anime creations will be facing off against an overseas live-action character … and forget my “awesome […]

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Kara’s Video of the Day: Stop Boring Hugh Laurie

Did you know “House” star Hugh Laurie is actually British? … yeah, me too. But apparently the talk show hosts of the United States figure no one does.  Thank God we’ve got late-night TV to fill us in on those burning questions … over and over and over again. Sheesh.  Really?  Next you’ll be telling […]