Geekly Speaking About… “The Star Wars Blu-Ray Conundrum”

It’s time once again for another edition of “Geekly Speaking About,” which we recorded on September 14, 2011. Joining myself and co-editor Jill Pullara are two of our newest contributors, Lowell Greenblatt and Jonathan Cherlin. We really do hope to get these going on a more frequent basis, and your feedback is always helpful. Show […]

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George Lucas attempts to ‘improve’ Star Wars, fans call for boycott

Haven’t we learned our lesson about changing classics by now? According to Deadline, some fans are up in arms about George Lucas’ upcoming Blu-Ray release of Star Wars. He’s once again making some major changes, having Darth Vader yell ‘Noooo! NOOOOO!’ when the Emperor is torturing Luke, digitizing some aspects of Ewoks and messing about […]

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Trailer Watch: Ralph Fiennes does Shakespeare, Lucas’ latest, and more

Can I just say that it’s sort of weird to see Ralph Fiennes with a nose? Fiennes has grown back his missing scent organ for his upcoming adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, which will also be his first film in the director’s chair. A modern retelling, it also stars Gerard Butler who looks pretty damn excited […]

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