Eyes on E3: Nintendo

It has been said around the internet that Nintendo “won” E3, so it seems silly for us at GoA to recap everything already said. However, we did lack in the Nintendo Department regarding e3 this year. Last year Nintendo let us down. Their presentation was lackluster at best, so this year, they needed to prove they […]

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Eyes on E3: Scott Pilgrim and the Child of Eden

No, there’s not a mysterious new Scott Pilgrim book in the works beyond the sixth, at least that I know of. This is me taking some time to highlight two games that really caught my attention this past week, making me take notice more than any other software at E3. These would be Scott Pilgrim vs […]

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Eyes on E3: Sony Comes Out Swinging

So E3 has come and gone. Microsoft had Cirque du Soleil present the Kinect. Nintendo announced pretty much everything that anyone could possibly ask of them. Sony had Kevin Butler: VP of Life, The Universe, and Everything. In his rallying cry, Kevin Butler rocked the show with a message of peace and love, calling upon […]

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