Blightyvision: “Torchwood: Miracle Day”

Created by Russell T. Davies Starring John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Bill Pullman, and Mekhi Phifer Okay, so here’s the thing.  We US-based Anglophiles can be really terrible when it comes to self-judgment, and the Whovian subset can be even worse.  It could be because we’ve been burned before — both by straight-up American remakes and […]

Trailer Watch: Main Street

Check out the new trailer that just dropped for Magnolia Pictures’s new film Main Street. Looks like the inspirational story of overcoming hardships and finding love in a small North Carolina town.  Penned by Horton Foote (the writer behind the Oscar-winning screenplay for the 1962 film version of To Kill a Mockingbird), this flick seems […]

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Blightyvision: “Jeremy Clarkson Meets the Neighbours”

Written and presented by Jeremy Clarkson Directed by Dennis Jarvis “Top Gear” presenter Jeremy Clarkson travels to various countries in Europe to learn more about their history, culture, society, and pastimes.  The almost train-wreck-ish appeal of the concept is evident immediately if you know anything about the man — it’d be like asking Jamie Oliver […]

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Blightyvision: “Episodes”

Written by David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik Directed by James Griffiths Starring Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Grieg, and Matt LeBlanc I’ve had this talk with Trisha before re: American remakes of British TV shows, most recently with “Top Gear” (which, I’ll admit, is a bit of all right when you get right down to it).  As […]

Blightyvision: And now for something completely different …

As I said elsewhere, I’m prepping for a jaunt outside the country — to the UK, specifically — during which I’ll leave you with (hopefully) quality reading.  But I’m also prepping for the finales of two excellent shows — “Mad Dogs” and “Marchlands” — both of which air tonight, and both of which I am […]

Blightyvision: “Top Gear” 2010 Road Trips

Featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May So I’ve said before — as have others — that this era of “Top Gear” is really defined by its road trip specials.  While the show continues consistently good with its “regular” episodes (challenge, news, review, Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car, in-studio silliness, end of challenge), it’s […]