Trailer Watch Triple Threat: Your Highness Red Band, Green Lantern, and Cowboys and Aliens

Well, let’s jump right in. So remember when you heard that the guys behind Pineapple Express were doing a fantasy film? That it was a raunchy stoner comedy set in the Medieval period? Well, we’ve got our first look at Your Highness and it is just that. And it also looks all kinds of awesome […]

McBride and Green Get High Again

Variety reports that Danny McBride, who co-stars with Seth Rogen and James Franco in the upcoming David Gordon Green-directed Pineapple Express, has signed to re-team with Green in Your Highness, for Universal Pictures’ Scott Stuber (The Kingdom, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). Highness marks the former classmates’ third collaboration after McBride made his screen debut […]

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