Go-Go-Gaijin: Pokémon At The Movies

Going to the movies in Japan is still something of an event, partly because they have limited edition merchandise on sale at the theater for the movies currently showing. You are also guaranteed a relatively quiet theater, a clean seat, and slightly above average beverages and snacks. Every year there is one movie event I […]

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Critical Insight: Your Character and You

Hello, again. Today I want to tackle a difficult subject. Your Character. And You. Now, for someone whose experience with table top RPGs—or LARPs, or any kind of role playing game where you actually interact with people face to face—is through YouTube videos at best, what I’m about to say may seem like the most […]

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Git Off My Lawn: Cinematic Comic Capers

Back in my day, which was before Al Gore invented the internet, and possibly before Al Gore’s mommy invented Al Gore, comic books were fun-filled, light-hearted, simple creatures, with the titular hero fighting the Villain of the Month in brightly drawn panels and onomatopoeic sound effects and…  …uh, moving on. It seems like every comic […]

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Critical Insight: Backstory

Hail! And well met! And other medievally type things I’m supposed to greet you with. I’m Jill, and I’m a Role Player. And I’m here to help. Before we begin, let me tell you about my first, official, time role playing: I was in the 4th grade, when my brother, in the sixth grade, came home […]

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