First-time author to use first book to raise funds for teens in need

When I first dreamed up the idea behind, I was determined that one of the key things we would always do is to not only highlight what’s neat and geeky out there in the world but also to highlight those other creative people who are choosing to get up off of their butts and […]

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Musical Taste Song of the Day: New Jonathan Coulton The Princess who Saved Herself

There is a lot of terrible children’s music out there. But there are also artists who put out music that actually has merit and doesn’t talk down to kids. Dan Zanes. They Might be Giants. And on Tuesday, we can add Jonathan Coulton to that list. Tuesday August 10th,the album Many Hands: Family Music for […]

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Web-Comics Auction To Benefit The Gulf Of Mexico

As we all should know by now, BP has been having some, er… “leakage” problems… since April. This being July, people are starting to get cranky about it… or else they want to try and take matters into their own hands. There are some ways you can help out personally, such as going to the affected areas, […]

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