Blightyvision: “Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab”

Presented by Richard Hammond Produced by James Wiseman If you’re anywhere close to my generation, your armchair science teachers were likely Don Herbert (a.k.a. Mr. Wizard) and/or Bill Nye.  To be honest, unless you’ve taken AP physics from my friend Cynthia, you likely learned more from these two gentlemen than you ever did in class.  […]

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Blightyvision: “The Sarah Jane Adventures”

Created by Russell T. Davies Starring Elisabeth Sladen, Daniel Anthony, and Tommy Knight The sad fact of the matter is, I knew there was another series half in the can, and was thus holding off reviewing as far as this show had gotten until one more series had come out.  However, with the sad news […]

“Sarah Jane Adventures” Season 4 Trailer

I’ve gotten flayed alive in the past for saying this, but sometimes “The Sarah Jane Adventures” seems to have better-constructed stories even than its parent show.  With the writer/actor change-up on “Doctor Who” proper, this has started to change.  And with that, I’ve still got high hopes for the upcoming season of SJA. For my […]

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