Casey Affleck: Joaquin’s breakdown all an act (updated)

Shouldn’t they have at least drawn this out until the film was out of theaters? In an interview with the New York Times, I’m Still Here director Casey Affleck admits that the whole bearded-rapper-drug-addicted-sex-crazed thing that Joaquin Phoenix did for two years, including the infamous Letterman appearance, was all a piece of performance art. “It’s […]

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Quick Cuts: Broken Embraces, Source Code, Indignation, The Kind One

After working together on the acclaimed Volver, filmmaker Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz have announced a new collaboration, according to The Guardian. The “50’s film noir” drama, titled Broken Embraces, is the longest script Almodovar has ever written and follows “a woman who has a passionate and destructive love life.” Almodovar will detail the production […]

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Casey Affleck meet The Kind One

Variety reports that Casey Affleck is attached to star in the 1930’s noir drama, The Kind One, an adaptation of Tom Epperson’s novel of the same name, which hit bookstores on January 22. Centering around an amnesiac who comes to work for “a mobster — a sadistic killer given the nickname, ‘The Kind One’ — […]

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