Graphically Speaking: X-Men: First Class review

WARNING: the Blu Ray version of this film has been known to lag on some Blu Ray players.  If you experience this, remove the disc, disable the player’s internet connection and delete the “First Class” cache from the BD Data Utility.  That should tide us over until Fox does a recall. X-Men: First Class Directed […]

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George Lucas attempts to ‘improve’ Star Wars, fans call for boycott

Haven’t we learned our lesson about changing classics by now? According to Deadline, some fans are up in arms about George Lucas’ upcoming Blu-Ray release of Star Wars. He’s once again making some major changes, having Darth Vader yell ‘Noooo! NOOOOO!’ when the Emperor is torturing Luke, digitizing some aspects of Ewoks and messing about […]

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High definition good, standard definition bad

A not-very-interesting article at the New York Times about various movie downloading devices pointed me at this article at iLounge on the differences in video quality between Blu-Ray, high def AppleTV, high def cable, (upconverted) standard def DVD, and standard def AppleTV — obviously teeming with comparison photos.As you would expect, Blu-Ray wins out in all […]

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Netflix pounds another nail into HD-DVD’s coffin

The fat lady’s singing, boys: “Citing a clear signal from the industry, (Netflix) will carry high-def DVDs only in Blu-ray format,” phasing out HD-DVD by year’s end. With an 8.8 million subscriber base and over $1.2 billion in revenue (and those stats are two years old), that’s pretty much all you need to know (unless, […]

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