Blightyvision: “Lennon Naked”

Written by Robert Jones Directed by Edmund Coulthard Starring Christopher Eccleston, Christopher Fairbank and Allan Corduner I’m gonna make a confession up front, gentle reader, and it may or may not color your opinion of my review: I’m not a Beatles fan.  That is not to say I dislike them; I definitely have some favorites from their […]

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Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar continues to add to its cast

Clint Eastwood’s next film, the biopic J. Edgar, is shaping up. Deadline has announced that Josh Lucas (The Lincoln Lawyer) has signed on to play the aviator Charles Lindbergh. The film follows Hoover during the investigation into the mishandling of the infamous ‘Lindbergh baby’ case, so presumably Lucas’ role will be fairly significant. The film […]

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Daniel Day-Lewis plays my namesake in Spielberg’s Lincoln

Glad to hear our 16th President will be well represented. According to Variety, Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood) will be playing Abraham Lincoln in Stephen Spielberg’s film about the president. The picture is to be based on the bestselling book Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, and will chronicle “Lincoln’s presidency between 1861 […]

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Quoth the Raven: Poe “biopic” to star John Cusack

Does he really have the melon-shaped skull for it though? Variety reports that John Cusack has signed on to play Edgar Allen Poe in Raven, an upcoming film about the famous horror and mystery author. Cusack announced his involvement over twitter. The film follows a script by Hannah Shakespeare (Loverboy) and Ben Livingston and is […]

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Hangover director Todd Phillips working on John Belushi Biopic

John Belushi is coming back to a theater near you. In an exclusive at the Hollywood Reporter, it’s reported that Todd Phillips (The Hangover) and Steven Conrad (screenwriter, The Pursuit of Happyness) are beginning work on a biopic of the comedian’s life. Though not the first film to tell his story, it is the first […]

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The Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Watchlist: “Lennon Naked”

The Doctor just can’t keep his hands off those Torchwood girls, can he?  First Eight hooks up with Suzie in the recently-ended “Luther,” and now Nine and Tosh are getting it together.  This due to the fact that Mr. “Lots of planets have a north” is going Scouser in the biopic “Lennon Naked,” soon to […]

Trailer Watch: Crazy official trailer

Before you say “But I’ve already seen Crazy Heart!”, watch the trailer. Inspired by the life of Hank Garland, Crazy is the story of a legendary guitar player who emerged from Nashville in the 1950’s. Blessed with incomparable, natural talent, Hank quickly established his reputation as the finest sessions player in Nashville. Artists such as […]

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