Quick Cuts: The Hobbit, Avatar, Spider-Man and More

Well, everything will be ok. Peter Jackson, New Zealand officials and the labor unions have reached an agreement and production on The Hobbit will stay in New Zealand. The NZ government is helping the studio offset some of their costs with tax benefits and production will begin as scheduled.  (Source: The Playlist) We’re returning to […]

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Quick Cuts: Jim Cameron to take a Dive?, Scott Pilgrim's Ramona cast, Spider-Man update

“After Avatar, I want to do something a lot smaller,” James Cameron told The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, reiterating earlier comments in an extended interview with Variety a while back. He’s considering following the mega-budgeted sci-fi epic with The Dive, “a true story about the romance between Cuban free diver Francisco ‘Pipin’ Ferreras and Frenchwoman Audrey […]

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(Avatar:) The Last Airbender to hit screens in 2010

M. Night Shyamalan’s live-action adaptation of the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender has received an official release date. According to Variety, Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies announced the film, re-titled The Last Airbender to avoid confusion with James Cameron’s Avatar, will see release on July 2, 2010. It is the first film to […]

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Jim Cameron talks the shit out of 3-D filmmaking

Whatever you think of his movies’ stories, Jim Cameron is a master of his craft — an absolute technical genius. Variety has posted a very long interview with the man behind the sixth (not first) biggest money-maker in film history on 3-D, or “stereo,” filmmaking — obviously centered around his highly anticipated 3-D sci fi […]

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