Blightyvision: “Whites”

Directed by David Kerr Written by Matt King and Oliver Lansley Starring Alan Davies, Darren Boyd, and Katherine Parkinson How Hulu chose to take me from last week’s frankly embarrassing “Green Wing” to the short series “Whites” is beyond me.  There’s a possibility that, despite its insistence on showing me baby food commercials, it does […]

Blightyvision: “QI”

Written and created by John Lloyd Directed by Ian Lorimer Hosted by Stephen Fry I have, in fact, taken my sweet time in getting around to discussion of “QI” because it’s not a terribly easy show to review.  It’s one you either like or you don’t based almost entirely upon who’s present from week to […]

Blightyvision: “Jonathan Creek” Series 2-4

Created by David Renwick Starring Alan Davies, Caroline Quentin, and Julia Sawalha To be completely honest, and as I mentioned last week, recently I’ve become fearful of the quality of a show the longer it goes on, especially a show whose appeal comes from its cleverness.  The up-side of one writer per show is consistency […]

Blightyvision: “Jonathan Creek” Series 1

Created by David Renwick Starring Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin Guest Starring Anthony Head and Colin Baker An adulterous artist is found dead in his room, his lover bound and gagged on the floor. Investigative reporter Maddy Magellan is certain the victim’s wife was the murderer, but the wife was observed closely in a sealed-off […]