Michael Bay, Savior of 3D? Transformers: Dark of the Moon getting brightness upgrade

Brightness in 3D is a notable problem. There is a moment when you’re at a 3D film, right when they ask you to put on your glasses that the lens noticeably shifts and brightness drops. It’s irritating, particularly when you’ve shelled out extra cash so that Johnny Depp’s dreadlocks will come right at you. But […]

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Razzie Awards announce their 2011 nominees

So the 2010 Razzie nominees are up, and while Michael Bay somehow missed out on making the list (mostly because he didn’t direct a film this year), there are plenty of sequels and nominees on the list. While this writer hasn’t seen too many of them, the addition of a new ‘Worst use of eye-gouging […]

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Trailer Watch: Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom Teaser

While my computer issues continue unabated, I have a brief moment at work to share with you the trailer for Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom. While not showing much of the film besides the fact that Po (Jack Black) is back and ridiculous as ever, this is high on my anticipation list, […]

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Sweden says 3D-films are too much for some kids

An interesting bit of news for Mr. 3D, James Cameron. According to a report at Variety, Sweden has started rating the 2D and 3D versions of some films differently. With the release of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, the film board gave the 2D version a G-rating, while the 3 dimensional film […]

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Eyes on E3: Nintendo

It has been said around the internet that Nintendo “won” E3, so it seems silly for us at GoA to recap everything already said. However, we did lack in the Nintendo Department regarding e3 this year. Last year Nintendo let us down. Their presentation was lackluster at best, so this year, they needed to prove they […]

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Jim Cameron talks the shit out of 3-D filmmaking

Whatever you think of his movies’ stories, Jim Cameron is a master of his craft — an absolute technical genius. Variety has posted a very long interview with the man behind the sixth (not first) biggest money-maker in film history on 3-D, or “stereo,” filmmaking — obviously centered around his highly anticipated 3-D sci fi […]

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Monsters vs. Aliens to be first true 3D animated film (updated)

From Bee Movie to B-movies: USA Today has an article about Dreamworks’ upcoming ’50s sci-fi B-movie riff, Monsters vs. Aliens, with our first look at the film (see right, or click over to the article for a larger look), and it’s impressive — much more visually distinctive than the Shrek films. Between this and Kung […]

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