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Author’s Note: The Po-Biz

Well, while doing my best to find an agent, I’ve also been writing up a bunch of fantasy-romance short stories and sending them winging off to my publisher. It keeps my name out there and keeps income… well, coming in. I’ve also been marketing. Marketing is the part of writing that nobody likes. I was […]

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Graphically Speaking: House of Fallen review

House of Fallen Written and Directed by Robert Stephens Starring: C. Thomas Howell, Corbin Bernsen, Michael Wincott Rated R for violence and some language An opening blurb tells us that when God created mankind, he sent the Grigori, the 8th order of angels to watch us.  Instead, they taught humans all about greed, lust, war, […]

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Kara’s Video of the Day: “My Little Top Gear: Friendship is Ambitious but Rubbish”

It took a bit of poking and conniving for my friends to get my to watch “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.”  But like many bronies out there, I regret nothing. As I was paging through my Twitter feed just now, I stumbled across another of the many MLP:FiM mash-up videos out there.  But not […]

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Trailer Watch: Brave

Dear Pixar, We’ve had our differences in the past. For example, I couldn’t understand why you’d release something derivative like Cars 2 when you had such great concept art from the now dead Newt. I mean, sure, Rio sort of beat you to the punch, but I’m sure yours would have been something unique and […]

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Author’s Note: On to the Details!

Holy crap, you guys, editing is going to kill me. (Melodramatic much? Naaaah, not me!) My editing process has changed since the days when I was writing mostly fanfic, simply because the length of my work has changed. While my fanfic was often short-novel length, about 50,000 words, now that I’m writing things that are […]

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Musical Taste Video of the Day: Ramones Live (with cheesy Sci-Fi movies)

From NPR’s All Songs Considered blog, we have this awesome recording of the Ramones live at The Palladium in 1978, all with a running background of monster and science fiction movies. I’ve always felt that punk rock and geekiness are a good fit, both a bit of a counter to the mainstream. And this video, […]

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Clarissa, Please Explain It All Now?

I was a single digit in the 1980’s where the Barbie jingle was, “We girls do anything! Right, Barbie?” The seeds of exploration were planted. They grew in the 1990’s with a “Na na na na…” Clarissa Explains It All was a necessary guide to the new female ideal – smart, unique, quirky, confident, positive, […]

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Comic Non-Sans: It’s a Travelogue

So this week I’m heading out to the UK for the first time in 2007, though through the magic of the Internets, I am still representing here as though nothing happened.  I’m doing much like I did last time, rushing around buying walking shoes and plug adapters and advance train tickets.  And one thing I […]

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And here are the winners of the Razzies

In all the hubbub of the Academy Awards ceremony, we didn’t forget the other awesome awards which were given out last night. Yes, we’re talking about the 31st annual RAZZIE® awards, the winners of which were announced last night. Big “winners” included The Last Airbender which took home the awards for Worst Picture, Worst Director […]

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Kara’s Video of the Day: Michael Caine Impersonates Michael Caine

What Christopher Walken is to American impressionists, Michael Caine is to English.  Every British actor and comedian, all the way back to Peter Sellers, seems to have a Michael Caine impression. And I mean every single one. Check out this snippet of Mr. Caine dividing by zero in an interview with Michael Parkinson. While somehow […]

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