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Comic Non-Sans: MarsCon Wrap-Up

MarsCon is the first convention I ever attended, starting in 2000 when I was a college freshman and didn’t understand the whole “convention” thing.  I guess this makes it my Lucky 13th year attending, for what it’s worth.  It’s stayed pretty much consistently good over the years, which is saying something for a middling-sized “relax-a-con” […]

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Comic Non-Sans: Super Art Fight 9

Super Art Fight is growing.  I mean, like, seriously so. I’ve covered their origins in the past to the point that it doesn’t bear repeating.  Over the last couple years, the Fights have gone from an offshoot of a con event to a whole night out that’s so awesome it nearly broke the law. My […]

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NYCC: Wrath of Con

This review could be alternately titled: Why I am never going to a convention ever again. Before I talk about the hot mess known as The New York City Comic Con, I’ll preface this by saying I have never been to a convention before.I went in with no preconception of whether I’d hate it or […]

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Comic Non-Sans: Intervention in Review

When asked jokingly whose intervention we were going to this weekend, the response from all con chairs past and present was “Onezumi‘s.  We warned her not to do this.”  Though all joking and jabbing and other such loving ridicule aside, I can say that Oni does throw one hell of a party.

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JB’s Link of the Day: Westboro vs Batman

San Diego Comic Con is in full swing — and the Westboro Baptist Church is swinging back. What they don’t seem to realize is that geeks are used to getting picked on, and when they grow up they learn how to mock. Oh, Westboro. Don’t try to take on people who want to emulate Superman. […]

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Web-Comics Auction To Benefit The Gulf Of Mexico

As we all should know by now, BP has been having some, er… “leakage” problems… since April. This being July, people are starting to get cranky about it… or else they want to try and take matters into their own hands. There are some ways you can help out personally, such as going to the affected areas, […]

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Comic Non-Sans: Intervention

The sort you wouldn’t mind your friends staging for you. The first usage of the term “webcomic” predates Google by three years, Wikipedia by six years, and YouTube by ten.  Over the last fifteen years, it’s gone from novelty to Internet subculture, launching small businesses, charities, and TV series.  A webcomic even made Time magazine’s […]

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Go-Go-Gaijin: Tokyo Comic Fest Comitia

Here in Tokyo we just celebrated a nationally-recognized three-day consecutive holiday known as Golden Week, “golden” because it is a prime opportunity for travel-based businesses to rake in the yen. Without using any precious vacation days, adults can relax and take a trip to the local onsen, or hot springs, go to Hawaii, or just […]

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