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JB McDonald’s Link of the Day: “Girl Geek Boutique”

Because even girl-geeks need fashion, especially when it’s fashion of their own, I bring you… The Girl Geek Boutique! Oh, the earrings and jewelry, the T-shirts and totes! Anything that sells a Lucky Capacitor for a cell phone and pirate Hello Kitty earrings has my heart forever.

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The Fitting In Room: New Wonder Woman

Forgive me, kids – when I saw that Wonder Woman had her costume updated, I went on a bender that has lasted this past week. I am here now – sober, conscious, and am no longer allowed back in Honduras. But that’s another story. From a New York Times article: The new look — with […]

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The Fitting In Room: From Hipster to Handsome

Men of the world, I implore you. I am up to my eyeballs in skinny jeans, weird frizzy and/or greasy mops, and kitschy facial hair. Your t-shirt is not ironic. And you look like you smell terrible. And what surprises me is that you expect to get laid in that. Because I know in your […]

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Nerd Girls =/ Nerd Girls

“Nerd Girls” is currently casting “smart, sexy, and tech savvy” ladies for what promises to be a very-subtle pilot. Interested? If you’re willing to embody a vision of both “pink heels” and “pocket protectors,” here are the awkward details. Around the age of sixteen, I had an adult woman sneak a peek into my room […]

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Capcom and Zazzle Tag Team Bank Accounts Everywhere

In what may be my favorite clothing-related news item of the year, Capcom has entered a merchandising partnership with web-store Zazzle. This arrangement has already birthed shirts, mugs, hats, and more, bearing logos and characters from games many thought abandoned by Capcom. Japanese favorite Monster Hunter has the largest section so far, being the only […]

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