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The Fitting In Room: New Wonder Woman

Forgive me, kids – when I saw that Wonder Woman had her costume updated, I went on a bender that has lasted this past week. I am here now – sober, conscious, and am no longer allowed back in Honduras. But that’s another story. From a New York Times article: The new look — with […]

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Trisha’s Video of the Day: The Swingin’ Spider-Man

While I am not a total dance geek or nerd, I loved watching the ballroom dance competitions on my local PBS affiliate as a kid; Strictly Ballroom is one of my favorite movies as a result of this childhood fascination as well. The best part of watching the ballroom dance competitions were the exhibition dances […]

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Trisha’s Link of the Day: Holy mix of parody and sex, Batman!

Back in May, the Internet was a-buzz with the release of the Batman XXX: A Porn Parody trailer. And while I’d normally link it here because I’m not a prude and I’m assuming you all are adults, I won’t because even if the version on the BoingBoing site is totally “safe for work,” I still […]

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Scott Pilgrim Yourself with the new avatar creator

In a move that is becoming pretty common with movies that have a unique art style (Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean both had them), Scott Pilgrim vs The World has its own avatar creator. And it actually works pretty well. It has a comprehensive set of options that you can select from. That’s mine over […]

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World Soundtrack tracklist announced

If you visit here at all regularly, you know that I’ve been following the development of Scott Pilgrim vs The World closely. It’s not hard to see why. The film is based on a graphic novel that has strong ties to both video game and music culture, things that I, and many others, find attractive. […]

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Git Off My Lawn: Cinematic Comic Capers

Back in my day, which was before Al Gore invented the internet, and possibly before Al Gore’s mommy invented Al Gore, comic books were fun-filled, light-hearted, simple creatures, with the titular hero fighting the Villain of the Month in brightly drawn panels and onomatopoeic sound effects and…  …uh, moving on. It seems like every comic […]

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Wallace Wells rules new Scott Pilgrim vs. The World clip

The MTV movie awards did more than just hand everything to New Moon and debut a new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer. They also brought us this awesome clip from the upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs The World. This film continues to look better. Michael Cera is actually sort of a badass, while still […]

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“Torchwood” returns in print … and onscreen

Right on the heels of having to tell our readers that we have no “Torchwood” news … we have “Torchwood” news. Last week, it was announced that Titan Publishing will be printing a new line of “Torchwood” comics starting in August.  Each issue will contain two stories and be released with two different covers — […]

Inside the Lines: Romance author invades comics world, and other stories

In the “Damn, they stole my idea” department, New York Times best-selling romance novelist Janet Evanovich and her daugher Alex teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to create a graphic novel called Troublemaker featuring Alex Barnaby, a female racecar mechanic whose vantage point as a raceday spotter leads her into mystery and intrigue. The art […]

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R.I.P. Thundercats writer, Stephen Perry, confirmed victim of homicide

A horrible tragedy has occurred in Florida. According to an article round-up over at Robot 6, Thundercats and Silverhawks writer Stephen Perry has disappeared from his home. His van, along with a severed arm, were found in a nearby motel parking lot, and other remains were discovered in a gas station dumpster. His home had […]

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