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Clarissa, Please Explain It All Now?

I was a single digit in the 1980’s where the Barbie jingle was, “We girls do anything! Right, Barbie?” The seeds of exploration were planted. They grew in the 1990’s with a “Na na na na…” Clarissa Explains It All was a necessary guide to the new female ideal – smart, unique, quirky, confident, positive, […]

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Fresh TV Meat: “Covert Affairs” and “RuPaul’s Drag U”

“Covert Affair” had two things going for it even before I watched it: Piper Perabo, star “Coyote Ugly – of one of the movies a girl will stop and watch the rest of the way no matter what she is in the middle of doing and Christopher Gorham, whose credentials I really don’t know much […]

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TV Ghoul Pool: Ugly Betty

Betty and I had a very special relationship. I accidentally tuned into the premiere of “Ugly Betty” while waiting for “The Office” to come on. I thought it was a Movie of the Week event (which are a secret passion of mine – “The Counterfeit Contessa” is why I love both Tea Leoni and Chuck […]

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Congratulations, Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley!

I am going through sixty-nine pages of Emmy nominations right now and am so pleased with the selections this year. As everyone predicted from the “Glee” pilot, Jane Lynch has been nominated. But what I am absolutely ecstatic that my belief that the father and son team of Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley, who are […]

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The Fitting In Room: New Wonder Woman

Forgive me, kids – when I saw that Wonder Woman had her costume updated, I went on a bender that has lasted this past week. I am here now – sober, conscious, and am no longer allowed back in Honduras. But that’s another story. From a New York Times article: The new look — with […]

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The Fitting In Room: From Hipster to Handsome

Men of the world, I implore you. I am up to my eyeballs in skinny jeans, weird frizzy and/or greasy mops, and kitschy facial hair. Your t-shirt is not ironic. And you look like you smell terrible. And what surprises me is that you expect to get laid in that. Because I know in your […]

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Nerd Girls =/ Nerd Girls

“Nerd Girls” is currently casting “smart, sexy, and tech savvy” ladies for what promises to be a very-subtle pilot. Interested? If you’re willing to embody a vision of both “pink heels” and “pocket protectors,” here are the awkward details. Around the age of sixteen, I had an adult woman sneak a peek into my room […]

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R.I.P. Rue McClanahan: You Will Rue the Day

When I was fifteen, my mother and I went to Disney World. As a fifteen year-old, I wasn’t really impressed by much (my mother on the other hand was taking pictures of every palm tree she saw in Florida) until the studio tour of M.G.M. took us to the “Golden Girls” house. Seeing the exterior, […]

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My TV (Blank): Boyfriend

When real life can’t give me what I want, I can always have my TV (blank). It’s that quick heroin shot of fantasy that I need to keep going forward on bad days. Like when you realize you may potentially have a lot more in common with Jonathan Brandis in “Sidekicks” then you are comfortable […]

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Re: Ality

To: Michael Lynche ( From: Neva Reese ( Subject: I know you! Hey, Mike – I’ve watched less than five minutes of American Idol this year and those minutes mainly consisted of you. You threw down Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”. I thought I saw all I needed to see of the season. I apologize […]

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