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Eyes on E3: Getting Kinected, and Slimming Down

Microsoft’s Monday press release was all about the upcoming motion-control peripheral system, Kinect. You might remember Kinect formerly as Microsoft’s Project Natal, announced at the previous E3. An obvious attempt to buy into the incredible success of Nintendo’s motion-sensing Wii console, the system has evidently progressed enough to have an actual product name (as opposed […]

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Forget Power Pellets; Google Pac-Man eats productivity.

There’s been a spurt of free games out recently; from Valve’s free release of Portal, to Altitude, which was also made available for free on the company’s Steam game distribution program. But no free game garnered quite as many headlines—or, it seems, as much playtime—as Google’s Friday celebration of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary. If you missed […]

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Going Portal

Big news for the budget-conscious gamer out there; Portal, one of the greatest games of the new millennium—if not all time—is now free until May 24th.  So if you have a halfway-decent computer, download Steam and get it. Portal was originally one of the components of the legendary Orange Box collection that included such stand […]

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