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This is How I Roll: Vampire: The Masquerade

I was thinking of a Halloween appropriate RPG to review, something to embody all the macabre of the season. To me, the first thing that came to mind was the World of Darkness setting. From its inception, WoD has captured the dark, angst ridden, heroin chic culture of the 90s. And nothing exemplifies 90’s zeitgeist […]

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NYCC: Wrath of Con

This review could be alternately titled: Why I am never going to a convention ever again. Before I talk about the hot mess known as The New York City Comic Con, I’ll preface this by saying I have never been to a convention before.I went in with no preconception of whether I’d hate it or […]

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Adrienne’s Link of the Day: Hard Times Hit Sith Empire

Alternate title: “The Empire Strikes Bank” Apparently the recession is felt in a galaxy far,far away: What can I say that hasn’t been said? Who knew one could be so flippant over armed robbery? There is a goldmine of witticisms, waiting to be unearthed here. My personal favorite comes from a friend who remarked: […]

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Eyes on E3: Star Wars Multiplayer Demo

A brief glimpse of what is to come. So far, most of the trailers coming out for The Old Republic were solo missions, or co-op. They’ve showcased the different worlds, the different character classes, the voice acting, the tricked out ships. So now, we get to see multiplayer combat: While it may  seem lackluster to […]

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This is How I Roll: Free RPG Day

Personally, I’m not a fan of modules. I like putting my heart and soul into a game only to watch to unravel in front of me while I fall to my knees and cry up at an indifferent sky. But modules are a great way to start a game with minimal effort, especially if you […]

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This is How I Roll: Don’t Rest Your Head review

Don’t Rest Your Head Designed by Fred Hicks Published by Evil Hat Productions Gaming accoutrement: a shit ton of D6s (red, white, and black specifically: the sad colors) 2 bowls, one light one dark coins of any denomination a wahmbulance Don’t Rest Your Head, a psychological horror RPG published by Evil Hat Productions, seems 1 […]

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