About “Geeking Out About…”

After the retirement of founding editor Gordon McAlpin, MovieMakeout.com transitioned into GeekingOutAbout.com in May 2010 under the direction of former staff writer Trisha L. Sebastian, now publisher and editor. With a brand new staff of existing and new writers from across the globe, GeekingOutAbout.com aims to showcase what’s interesting, new, and exciting about the world in the fields of the arts, science, fashion, pop culture and more—with a geeky flavor.

Trisha L. Sebastian: Publisher, Editor
Jillian Pullara: Co-Editor
Omega Direx: Webmaster
Brooke Stephenson: Mascot Designer

Staff Writers
Trisha Lynn
Lincoln Eddy
Lyssa Spero
The Grand Vizier

Comics, Graphic Novels and Manga Adaptations
Lincoln Eddy
The Grand Vizier
Neva Reese

Lincoln Eddy
JB McDonald

Board Games and RPGs
Jillian Pullara
Adrienne Dacayanan

MMORPGs and Text-Based RPGs
Karen Lawrence

Kara Dennison

Neva Reese

British and Canadian TV
Kara Dennison

Japanese Entertainment
Brooke Stephenson

Digital Arts/Manual Crafts
Julie Lindsey

Neva Reese

Video and PC Gaming
Andrew Metcalfe
Jason M
Rajiv Miller

As we gain new writers, even more categories will be covered.