Dear GoA friends, fans, family, community:



I didn’t know this guy personally, but I remember way back in the day before Achievement Hunter was a thing, the backlash he would get for posting the achievement guides because the RoosterTeeth community had no idea who he was, or why he got to be on the main page and not them. But he handled it all with a good sense of humor, and became embraced by the community. Just the other day I was thinking “Huh… I wonder what KnucklesDawson is doing?” so it was a strange punch in the gut to see he’s gone missing. 

So, this is the extent that I can do – sharing this flyer, and hoping that he is found, alive and maybe hating the world a little, but otherwise well. If you are, or know anyone in the Vancouver/Seattle area, let them know that David is missing, and if they see him to let the proper authorities know.

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