A reflection on “Weeds.”

After watching the last season of “Weeds,” I felt it necessary to draft this letter to its creator, Jenji Kohan:

Dear Jenji,

Here’s the thing. We started out friends…good friends. I had a thing for your show. Your creation (that of a suburban mom who takes up selling pot to support her family after her husband drops dead) was engaging and hilarious. To this day, season 2 (the “grow house arc”) is one of the funniest seasons of live action TV I’ve seen. I couldn’t wait to buy it on DVD. I told my friends about “Weeds,” several of whom each killed an entire season in 2 days. You were on FIRE for a while. Then something happened. I don’t know what it was.

Maybe it was when Kevin Nealon’s character had his sweet illegal alien girlfriend deported. Maybe it was when Silas started having relationships that ended abruptly, for no reason other than the season was ending. Maybe it was when Shane went from a lovably insane adolescent bad-ass to a cold-blooded killer with sociopathic tendencies. Maybe it was when Nancy kept making the same mistakes over and over again. Maybe it was when you replaced Gary Calamar, the music supervisor with incredible taste, with your husband. Maybe it was when you decided to stop working with black people. Maybe it was when you changed the paradigm of the show. And then did it again the following season. And every season afterwards until the end.

Now, I know what you’re saying. I still watched every episode even after it jumped the shark. Well, so did everyone I knew who became a fan in those early seasons. We all acknowledged it went downhill, but we kept tuning in. Nobody could explain why. It’s like we were watching on credit, hoping it would improve. It’s one of the oddest phenomena of fandom I’ve encountered to this day. You created a legion of apologists second only to fans of Star Wars and Ben Affleck (well, that one paid off).

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I found the answer a few months ago: I decided I wasn’t going to watch season 8. Too many other shows had my attention, but you announced season 8 was going to end the show. Well, the completist in me re-set the DVR. I invested so much time in “Weeds,” I couldn’t stop knowing the end was in sight. After struggling through a final season that was as wildly uneven as the last few, I reached a finale, which undeniably…came from the heart.

Despite what came before, it found the right note to go out on. While I was bummed about the absence of some characters, I was grateful for the cameos we got. And I’ll give you this: Silas, Andy, hell even Stevie got the endings they deserved (As for Shane, well…see above). You’ve given some once-beloved characters a decent curtain call, and for this, I forgive you. Just don’t think you can add me as a Facebook friend. We’re done here.


“Weeds: The 8th and Final Season” is available now on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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