Graphically Speaking: A few questions with R.L. Stine

Can you believe “Goosebumps” started 20 years ago? R.L. Stine’s seminal children’s book series is now older than the target age of its readers. Recently, I had the chance to ask Stine 2 questions. It was tough deciding what to ask him, once I realized it would be a nightmare to ship ALL of my “Goosebumps” books to him to sign (found ‘em in my parents’ basement last month, completely mold-free. Isn’t that a sign?). It was a thrill to interview the man who drove me to Barnes & Noble on a semi-monthly basis as a kid. And I’m not talking about my dad.

How did the idea to do sequels to “Goosebumps” come about?

Sequels to Goosebumps? Do you mean “The Haunting Hour?” “The Haunting Hour” is based on two short story collections of mine – “The Haunting Hour” and “The Nightmare Hour.” Or do you mean sequels among the “Goosebumps” books? I write a lot of sequels because kids love them. They love for the story to continue.

You’ve previously mentioned “Goosebumps” shied away from issues like divorce, drugs, and serious issues. Was there ever an issue you wanted to address in your books, but couldn’t? Did you save it for another series?

I’ve never had issues I wanted to discuss in my books. My only goal is to entertain kids and motivate them to read. That’s the only thing I ever wanted to achieve.

Catch R.L. Stine’s TV show “The Nightmare Hour,” currently airing in its 3rd season on The Hub.

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