Neil Gaiman, Sandman have “one tale still untold”

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is widely considered one of the best graphic stories ever told. Chronicling the saga of the Endless, it follows Morpheus, the incarnation of Dream, as he returns to his realm after a long absence, and the events that unfold because of that absence. Filling 10 (11, if you count Endless Nights) trades, the epic story was finished in the mid nineties.

However, Gaiman made a big announcement today. Teaming with J.H. Williams, the Batwoman artist known for spectacular splash panels, he will be telling the “one tale left untold.”

(Minor spoilers ahead) Morpheus, in Sandman #1, is captured rather easily in a magic circle. He’s exhausted, dressed in full battle regalia, and trapped. And Gaiman has decided to tell us why.

With regard to the inevitable Before Watchmen comparisons, it’s important to note that a) the original creator himself is involved here and b) to quote Gaiman “”Nope. The story in Sandman stretches back a long way. I’m writing DURING SANDMAN.”

In fact, to avoid any confusion, here’s Gaiman himself to explain the whole thing:

The untitled Sandman prequel will hit shelves next year.

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