Avengers cost Manhattan $160 billion in damage, according to experts

Now that’s not what really happened, but an introduction to the best thing you’ve seen all week.

The Hollywood Reporter hired a disaster-cost prediction firm, Kinetic Analysis Corporation, to estimate approximately how much damage was caused by the recent dust-up between our heroes, The Avengers, and Loki with his Chitauri army. By using computer models and comparing the damage to previous attacks, including the Gozer event in 1984 and Godzilla’s various attacks, KAC estimated that due to about $60 billion in physical damage, $90 billion in economic damage and clean-up, and the thousands of lives lost, the bill would likely end up being more than $160 billion. It’s a good thing the team is backed by the government, though even this might lead to liability issues, in much the same way the Gozer event did for the Ghostbusters.

Read the whole report.

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