Disney to read The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman, as prolific of an author as he is, has had very mixed success at the theater. Coraline did well, an early 3D success, and Stardust found an audience as well. However, original project Mirrormask, while visually arresting, and trapped-in-uncanny-valley Beowulf left a lot to be desired. But now, with the optioning of a multiple award-winning novel, Gaiman may come out on top again.

According to Deadline, Disney has picked up the rights from British effects studio Framestore to Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. A reimagining of The Jungle Book, the novel follows a young boy named Bod who grows up, raised by ghosts, in a graveyard, after his parents are murdered. Naturally, sinister forces are looking for him and he must eventually face the person who killed his family.

The rights were first bought by Framestore right after the book came out, but Disney stepped in and made Framestore associate Wayfare a producer, while Framestore has stepped down. The ball is rolling on this and it is reportedly a priority for the studio.

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