Hugh Grant to play against type in Cloud Atlas

Whether you like or hate the Wachowskis, you can’t accuse them of not having some serious guts. Their next film, Cloud Atlas, is a huge undertaking and has the potential to be amazing or dreadful. And while they’ve cast some big name actors, they’re taking risks there too, with people playing against type.

Empire interviewed Hugh Grant, who is playing six characters in the time hopping film about not playing a charming romantic schlub.

I do a lot of killing and raping. I wear an awful lot of prosthetic make up, too. You probably won’t know that I am in the film! But it was a laugh. I thought before I read it that I’d turn it down, which I normally do, but I was interested in meeting the Wachowskis because I have always admired them enormously. And they are so charming and fascinating.

All of the roles can be summed up as “incredibly evil”, including a cannibal living in the future. Grant found it difficult, hoping for just one “charming line.”

Cloud Atlas, be it disaster or epic, will surely be an interesting film when it hits later this year.

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