Spielberg possibly directing “Braveheart-ish Moses Epic”, Gods and Kings

Steven Spielberg is doing a good job of hitting iconic moments in history. Fresh off War Horse, and to follow the upcoming Lincoln & the not-historically-accurate-but-totally-will-be Robopocalypse, Warner Bros is trying to snag the director for a new take on Moses.

According to Deadline, Warner Brothers wants their movie, Gods and Kings, not to follow The Ten Commandments but rather be a “warrior film…with the grittiness of Saving Private Ryan.” Spielberg first read the script in September and talks, for good or ill, are supposed to be finished by the end of the month.

The treatment was brought to the studio by Matt Leshem, who will be producing, and the script is to be written by Michael Green (co-writer, Green Lantern) and Stuart Hazeldine (Paradise Lost). Filming is expected to being in 2013.

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