Comic Non-Sans: Everyone does New Year’s Resolution articles.

I think at this point it’s become a bit passé to tell everyone about your resolutions, and then to couch it in a blog article to make it sound like stellar advice.  Well, all right.  If Neil Gaiman were to offer his list of resolutions as a writer, or if Jonathan Ross were to offer his as a British mega-geek, I would prick up my ears and listen.  But other people don’t have my problems, nor do they have yours.

So I’m not gonna do resolutions.  Well, I sort of am.  But less resolution-y and more … erm … promise-y.  And perhaps, coming from a webcomicker whose good habits slip when something important like a new “Macross Frontier” movie demands my immediate attention, it might be a bit more accessible than, say, someone who’s made a name for themselves this way.


I promise my collaborators:

I promise my readers:

I promise myself:

But most of all …

I promise everyone I will pay my hosting bills on time so don’t ever have to see that stupid picture of a smiling woman showing up instead of my comic.

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